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Downtown Atlanta

Georgia State Student celebrating at commencement

Georgia State Named Top Performing Institution For Black Students By The Education Trust

ATLANTA—Georgia State University continues to lead the nation in graduating black students, according to a new report of “Top Performing Institutions for Black Students” released March 1 by The Education Trust, a non-profit education research organization.

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Georgia State Stadium

Carrying The Flame

The news that would lead to the most dramatic expansion in the history of Georgia State University came with a vibrating cell phone. It was November 2013, and Mark Becker, who had been president of the university for almost five years, was attending a conference in Washington, D.C. During a lunch break, his phone lit…

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Renovation Projects To Transform Campus Near Woodruff Park

Georgia State has renovated the front entrance of the 58 Edgewood Ave. building and opened a new lobby study space on the ground floor.


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Christopher Basler, Georgia State University

Georgia State Researcher Gets $4.1 Million Federal Grant To Develop Drug To Combat Ebola Virus

ATLANTA—Dr. Christopher Basler, a professor in the Institute for Biomedical Sciences, has received a five-year, $4.1 million federal grant to develop a drug targeting Ebola virus.

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Georgia State News

Georgia State University is on an upward trajectory and people are noticing. Get the latest media coverage of the difference-making work being done by Georgia State’s…

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Georgia State News Archives

In case you missed it: find past stories about the exceptional work being done by GSU, its students, faculty, and staff.

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