Legacy Circle

Established in 1989, the Georgia State University Legacy Circle recognizes alumni and friends who have included Georgia State University in their estate plans. The members have made highly personal and enduring gifts to ensure the long-term security and excellence of the University. Such gifts have no minimum requirement and can take the form of:

  • a bequest through a will or trust
  • a charitable life income plan such as a charitable remainder trust or a charitable gift annuity
  • a gift of property subject to a life estate
  • a gift of life insurance
  • a retirement plan asset

Donors receive a thank you/welcome letter and are recognized on the Georgia State University foundation’s website and in its annual report. They are also invited to various campus events, including an annual event to recognize their commitment.

Documentation for joining

The Georgia State University Foundation asks that our alumni and friends fill out a Statement of Future Gift form that can be obtained using the link below. The foundation asks that the donor share the relevant provision so that it may create a planned giving file. If the bequest gift is unclear, the foundation may want to work with the donor to ensure his or her wishes are clear. In many cases, the donor may also need to sign a gift agreement.

By asking the donor to provide documentation, the foundation is ensuring that the donor, donor's advisors, the benefiting college, school, unit or program, and the Foundation are all on the same page. Some donors, however, may not want to share private documents such as estate plans and wills. In this case, the foundation will still invite the donor to join the Legacy Circle and recognize their gift.

If you have made a provision for Georgia State University in your estate plans and wish to let us know, please provide the Office of Gift Planning with a signed copy of the Statement of Future Gift form that can be obtained using the link below.

Statement of Future Gift

Need more information?

For more information, visit our Gift Planning Home. If you have specific questions, you may contact us at: Office of Gift Planning, 404-413-3425.

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