President Becker’s Scholarship in Honor of the “Ground Crew”

Georgia State University hosted the Inaugural Groundbreaker Lecture in February 2020, honoring three women who sued to desegregate the university in the 1950s — Myra Payne Elliott, Barbara Pace Hunt, and Iris Mae Welch. Without these women’s determination and fearlessness, Georgia State would not exist as it does today. Our diversity is one of our key strengths, and our pathbreaking work ensuring students of all backgrounds succeed without disparities based on race, ethnicity or income spring from their courageous acts more than 50 years ago.

In their honor, Georgia State University President Mark Becker has endowed a scholarship which will provide financial support to students who embody the commitment to social justice exemplified by these pioneers. Gifts made to President Becker’s Scholarship in Honor of the “Ground Crew” - 021395 will serve as a reminder of the importance “groundbreakers” have in the lives of others.


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