Types of Gifts


The foundation accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express, as well as checks. The foundation also offers an electronic bank draft option making it easier than ever before to make recurring monthly gifts.

Stocks and Bonds

Your broker can transfer securities to the foundation or send unsigned stock certificates by certified mail to the Office of Gift and Records Management. 

For gifts of stock, shares may be delivered two ways...

  • Gifts may be sent electronically to one of the GSU Foundation brokers.  Any stock gift delivered electronically must be received in the Georgia State University Foundation's account before the markets close on December 31, in order for a donor to receive credit for the stock gift in that calendar year.  By completing the Donor Letter of Direction, DTC instructions, and the Stock Power documentation (as appropriate) the Foundation will be made aware of your gift intent and process your gift more efficiently when the stock is received.
  • Stock gifts may be physically delivered to the GSU Foundation. Gifts must be postmarked, or be in the Foundation office, on or before December 31.  Please do not endorse the stock certificates. In a separate envelope, mail a signed stock power.

For further assistance, contact Marion Campbell, director, gifts and records management, at (404) 413-3446.

Planned Gifts

The foundation accepts several planned gift instruments including life income gifts and bequests. For assistance in planning your gift to Georgia State, contact John D. Clark, Vice President of Development, at (404) 413-5057.

Real Estate and Tangible Personal Property

The foundation accepts gifts of real estate allowing you to claim a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the real estate. The foundation also accepts gifts of tangible personal property, or "gifts in kind," for which the donor can claim a tax deduction for the appraised value of the gift on the date the gift is made.

Matching Gifts

You can often double or even triple your gift with matching funds provided by your employer. Check with your company's human resources department or contact Lyra Kilby, matching gifts specialist, at (404) 413-3449 to learn if your company offers a gift matching option.


Below is a list of campus wide endowment opportunities. The dollar figures reflect the minimum amount necessary for adequate funding. Any of these endowments would be enhanced by gifts in excess of the minimum amount listed.


Student Support
 Undergraduate Scholarship  $25,000
 Graduate Scholarship  $25,000


Faculty Support *
 Distinguished University Chair  $2,000,000
 Distinguished Chair  $1,000,000
 Chair  $500,000
 Distinguished Professorship  $400,000
 Professorship  $200,000
 Distinguished Scholar  $100,000
 Faculty Fellowship  $50,000


* The annual endowment spending allocation from the endowed chairs, professorships and fellowships listed above will be used for salary supplementation and for other professional support, including research of the holder. Generally, the University will pay from its funds such amounts as are necessary to set the salary of holder at a level commensurate with his or her record, experience, and position in the faculty.


Other Endowments
 Lecture or Seminar Series  $50,000
 Program Support  $25,000
 General Unrestricted  $25,000


Note: Individual college’s and school’s endowment minimums may differ due to special considerations.

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