Perimeter College Retiree Association

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The next Retiree Meeting is Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. The meeting will be conducted in the Room CN2220 on the Clarkston Campus. We look forward to seeing you there!

Welcome to the DeKalb College/Georgia Perimeter College Retirees Association (GPCRA)!Georgia Perimeter College Retirees Association (GPCRA)

The GPCRA was established in 2009 to promote the welfare of Georgia Perimeter College (DeKalb College) retirees and better connect them to and engage them with the College.

More specific purposes are:

  • To assist retirees in maintaining communication links with each other and with the College.
  • To promote fellowship among retirees through general meetings and social and cultural events.
  • To assist retirees in obtaining current information about retirement issues.
  • To provide an avenue for retirees to access coordinated opportunities to support the college

Membership Dues

All faculty and staff who have retired from Georgia Perimeter College or DeKalb College are eligible for membership in the GPCRA. Membership is maintained through the payment of annual dues of $15.00.

Associate membership is available to:

  • Employees within one year of retirement from active service who wish to become involved with the organization prior to retirement
  • Employees who have left the service of the College without officially taking retirement
  • Spouses of retired employees and former employees.

 For more information regarding the Retiree Association please contact Erica Hart at or 

Retiree Association Current Officers:

Robert (Bob) McDonough, President

Deborah Huntley, Vice President
Rosemary cox, Secretary
Vacant Treasurer
Elizabeth (Betty) Molloy served as Past President
Robert (Bob) McDonough is Chair of Ad Hoc Nominating Committee.
Sandra Waller is a member of this committee.