Ways to give

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In higher education today, state support and student tuition and fees cover less than two-thirds of the resources needed to deliver Georgia Perimeter College’s high quality education at an affordable cost. This means that many important programs need the help of private support for funding, and students rely on the generosity of the college community to help them realize their dreams. The investment you make with your gifts to support scholarships, academic programs, faculty development, community engagement, and other priorities is greatly appreciated.

We invite our students, alumni, faculty and staff, corporations, philanthropic foundations and friends to explore the many ways to give to Georgia Perimeter College, including gifts of cash, securities, real estate, life insurance policies, matching gifts and honorary gifts. Every gift is vital to the continued success of GPC, which is now the third largest in the state.


Use our secure online form to make a gift now.

Check or Money Order

To make a cash gift, please make checks or money orders payable to Georgia Perimeter College Foundation (GPC Foundation), and mail to:

GPC Foundation
3251 Panthersville Road, Suite SA-2810
Decatur, GA 30034
Fax: 678-891-2858

Please complete the GPC Foundation Gift Form and include it with your check or money order.

Your gift will be recorded and receipted promptly on behalf of the specific program, school, or other designation you indicate. 


Please call our office to discuss how to make a gift, where to direct your contribution, or any other questions you may have about supporting Georgia Perimeter College.

Securities/Stocks and Bonds

Making a gift of securities can be a great way to support GPC and help you reduce or eliminate capital gains tax. Your broker may transfer securities to the Georgia Perimeter College Foundation or send unsigned stock certificates by certified mail to the Georgia Perimeter College Foundation.  For assistance, please contact Vicki Carew Johnson at 678-891-2550.

Real Estate or Tangible Personal Property

The GPC Foundation can accept gifts of real estate allowing you to make a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the property. The Foundation may also elect to accept gifts of tangible personal property and will provide the donor with a tax deduction for the appraised value of the gift on the date the gift is made.  For assistance, please contact Vicki Carew Johnson at 678-891-2550.

Matching Gifts

You may often double or even triple your gift with matching funds provided by your employer. Please check with your company's Human Resources department to find out if they have a matching gift policy.  Matching gifts should be sent to the attention of the GPC Foundation at:

GPC Foundation
3251 Panthersville Road, Suite SA-2810
Decatur, GA 30034
Fax: 678-891-2858

Tribute and Memorial Gifts

Tribute and memorial gifts are meaningful ways to express your sentiments on a special occasion, memorialize a loved one or pay homage to a special faculty member.  The GPC Foundation recognizes the heartfelt intent of these gifts, and we have provided an easy opportunity for donors to recognize, congratulate or memorialize family and friends throughout the year.

A tribute gift provides a loving expression to commemorate a special occasion for yourself, a friend or relative celebrating a birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary, birth, retirement, class reunion, or job promotion. They are also a great way to celebrate holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Grandparent’s Day. Finally, tribute gifts are often given to show appreciation for someone's kindness or to recognize their impact on your life. Memorial gifts provide a testimonial to the meaningfulness of a life that has passed on, and create a lasting tribute to their memory.

GPC Foundation will send an acknowledgement to the person being recognized, or to the family of the person being memorialized, informing them of your kindness. Please include the name of the person you are recognizing, as well as the name and address of the person you would like us to notify about your donation.

Like all gifts to the GPC Foundation, these special gifts make it possible for GPC students to pursue their academic dreams, while providing a warm and loving way to bestow a lasting tribute to your loved one’s honor or memory. You may designate your gift for scholarships, endowment or program support, or for use to support the college’s other initiatives.

Please contact us at 678.891.2550 to help you identify honorary or memorial gift opportunities at any level, or get an answer to any questions you may have.