Types of Gifts


Annual Fund

The Annual Fund, including unrestricted and restricted gifts, enables Georgia State University College of Law to recruit a dynamic and diverse student body, provide an affordable legal education, diversify curriculum through faculty recruitment and retention, enrich our centers and initiatives, and enhance our clinical programs.

  • The Fund for Law, often referred to as the unrestricted annual fund, provide critical resources to allow the dean and the college to enhance support for students, faculty, and programs as well as any other unanticipated needs.  These gifts are spent in full each year so the amount available may vary on an annual basis.  Thus the term, “Annual Fund.” 
  • Generally, annual fund gifts range anywhere from $25 to $25,000 and can be designated among several areas (restricted) or unrestricted, to be used by the dean and the college as seen fit.
  • Student financial assistance, clinics and initiatives, faculty support, student organizations, and the Law Library are just a few of the many programs supported by gifts to the Annual Fund each year.

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Capital and Endowment Funds

Gifts may be designated to specific existing endowments and capital funds.  Often, these are larger gifts which are payable over an extended period, such as five years.  John Harrison, Sr. Director of Development, is available to answer questions about capital and endowment gift options. John can be reached at (404) 413-9020.



Planned, Bequests, and Charitable Gifts

Donors can designate the College of Law as a beneficiary of a retirement fund, an insurance policy, or an estate, and all the while receive tax benefits.  Designations can be made as portions of these funds.  Typically, these gifts are revocable and/or the amount of the gift as a portion of an asset changes over time. 


Annuities are another technique to make a gift to the College of Law.  The donor will receive attractive tax benefits and an income stream from the gift.


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