Board of Visitors

A Commitment to Legal Education

The College of Law's Board of Visitors plays an important role in helping the dean of the law school respond to particular challenges facing legal education.


Members of the board are appointed by the dean and are selected for their distinction as leaders in law, business, and service to the public, and demonstrated commitment to the school. They meet regularly during the year to discuss issues including legal education, short-term and long-term plans for the College of Law, and ongoing concerns in areas related to student admissions and careers, curricular initiatives, faculty research, alumni and constituent involvement, and resource needs.


The board's input is critical to maintaining the school's strong tradition and growth.

Board of Visitors 2013-14 roster


Linda K. DiSantis, Chair  (J.D. '88)  Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business
The Hon. Timothy C. Batten, Sr. U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia
The Hon. Cynthia J. Becker '87 Superior Court of Georgia, Stone Mountain Circuit
Simon H. Bloom Jr. Bloom Sugarman Everett
Bobby Lee Cook Cook & Connelly
Tye Gary Darland Georgia Pacific LLC
David H. Flint Schreeder Wheeler & Flint LLP
Scott M. Frank (J.D. '94) AT&T Intellectual Property
Ronald J. Freeman Sr. (J.D. '85) Johnson & Freeman LLC
Shelby R. Grubbs Miller & Martin LLC
Catherine Collins Henson (J.D. '89)  Georgia School Council Institute
The Hon. Frank Mays Hull U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit
Lynne Richardson O’Brien (J.D. '94) The Coca-Cola Company
Frank B. Strickland Strickland Brockington Lewis LLP
Trishanda L. Treadwell Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs
Hugh W. Welborn (J.D. '86) Hugh W. Welborn, Attorney at Law


Emeritus Board of Visitors

Miles J. Alexander
Randall L. Allen (J.D. '86)
Kathleen B. Ashe
Spring Asher
R. Byron Attridge
Charles H. Battle Jr.
Marva Jones Brooks
Michael V. Coleman
John J. Culhane
Larry M. Dingle (J.D. '87)
Gail H. Evans
Robert P. Forrestal
Sharon A. Gay
Allen E. Hill

Thomas D. Hills
Lewis G. Holland, Sr.
R. William Ide III
Ben F. Johnson III
The Hon. Edward H. Johnson
Joia M. Johnson
Richard A. Jones
Paul V. Kilpatrick Jr.
The Hon. Phyllis A. Kravitch
Clay C. Long
Joey M. Loudermilk
John T. Marshall
James F. Martin
Charles R. Morgan
Charles D. Moseley Jr.

Susan E. Neugent
Mary Margaret Oliver
John R. Parker Jr.
Stephanie E. Parker
Daniel S. Reinhardt
Don M. Royster Sr.
Richard H. Sinkfield
Kenneth Southall (J.D. '91)
William J. Stembler
Larry D. Thompson
Randolph W. Thrower
The Hon. Peggy Harris Walker (J.D. '86)
E. Jenner Wood
Dom H. Wyant

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