Student Scholarships

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Privately funded scholarships make a significant difference in helping GPC students afford a high quality education that is affordable and accessible, provided by award-winning faculty at Georgia Perimeter College.  Scholarships, in any amount, support well-deserving students get the educational training they need to achieve their career aspirations and ultimately, transform their lives and the communities in which they live and work.

Scholarships may either be endowed to permanently support students in their educational pursuits, or provided through annual, recurring gifts.

A large majority of GPC students depend on some sort of financial assistance to continue their enrollment.  Please consider partnering with them by supporting one of GPC’s highest priorities: providing scholarship funds that help them transform their lives and link your legacy with their future.

For additional information or assistance in establishing a scholarship, please contact Erica Hart at 678.891.2559, or

Scholarship Giving Opportunities

Endowed Scholarships

Why should you consider endowing a scholarship at Georgia Perimeter College?

Endowed scholarships provide a personal and permanent way for donors to assist Georgia Perimeter College students transform their lives through education. It also provides a way for a donor to honor or memorialize someone who has made a difference in their life.

With the rising cost of education, many students are faced with financial challenges that could hinder or derail their education. Endowed scholarships support students to perpetuity, and can also extend a donor’s vision or legacy. Scholarships may be established by an individual, a family or a group of people who seek to honor or memorialize someone, or an organization that wishes to expand their community outreach. Regardless of the motivation, supporting scholarships is an investment in human capital that benefits students now as they prepare to impact the lives of others.

Endowed funds are especially significant as gifts that keep on giving and may be established through:

  •  A minimum outright gift of the specified endowment amount
  •  A minimum pledge fulfilled over an agreed period
  •  Additional annual funding provided to award scholarships immediately, before required endowed funds are available

Please consider endowing a scholarship at Georgia Perimeter College. Your support will not only help to transform the lives of students for generations to come, but will also ensure the continuation of your legacy or the legacy of a loved one. For additional information or assistance in endowing a scholarship, please contact Erica Hart at 678.891.2559, or

Gifts of all sizes may be made to support scholarships for GPC students year after year. All available scholarship funds are awarded to support students who are most in need, providing an avenue to offset educational costs that may interfere with their continued enrollment at Georgia Perimeter College.

Donors may make their gifts through the college’s annual fund and can be directed to a number of scholarships.