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Below is a list of your contributions to Georgia State University.

The first tab, Active, displays a listing of your active pledges. The second tab, History, shows your 100 most-recent gifts to the university. You may request a listing of all your gifts via the email address below.

For questions please contact the Georgia State University Foundation by email, or by phone, at 404-413-3442.

The table at the right lists gift types and gives a brief description of their meaning.

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Type of GiftDescription
Cash A gift received through check, currency, or debit/credit card without a prior commitment or pledge
Pay-Cash A gift received through check, currency, or debit/credit card to fulfill a prior commitment or pledge (also called a pledge payment)
Stock/Property Donated stock or property
Pay-Stock/Property Donated stock or property to fulfill prior commitment or pledge
Gift-in-Kind A non-cash donation (except for real and personal property; these are commonly recorded as Stock/Property)
Pledge A commitment or promise to give at a date in the future
Recurring Gift A commitment to give a certain amount at set intervals in the future with or without a total amount or end date. Only the expected installment amount is recorded.
Recurring Gift Pay-Cash A gift with recurring payments made by payroll deduction or electronic fund transfer
Planned Gift A deferred gift or commitment made now but not realized until some date in the future, such as life insurance or a bequest expectancy


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