Gifts by Phone

Welcome to the Georgia State University Call Center


The Georgia State University Call Center secures private support from alumni, parents and friends of the University. Last year alone the call center was able to collect 40% of all private donations to Georgia State. The call center also serves as a way for the University to keep in touch with their alumni and friends. Georgia State students, from all schools and colleges, spoke with nearly 40,000 alumni via the phonathon last year. Whether it is staying in touch or fund-raising, the GSU Call Center helps the University set the pace for academic success in the state, nation – and the world.


Rachel E. Sturdivant

Program Center Manager

Georgia State University

75 Piedmont Ave Ste. 516

Atlanta, GA 30303

Office: 404-413-3421

Fax: 404-413-3481




If you would like to become a part of our student calling team please visit to learn more information about the call center.




P.O. Box 3963  |  Atlanta, Georgia 30302-3963  |  (404) 413-3402